10. It Has Spawned What People Call a Chelsea ‘Renaissance,’ And Plenty of Copy-Cats

Above the Line mural High Line Untapped Cities AFineLyne

Once considered a declining neighborhood of New York City, the High Line has brought millions of tourists and New Yorkers (and their money) to the area. While there are some reports of small businesses closing due to rising rents, over 30 new projects had taken up residence in the Chelsea area as a result of the park’s increasing popularity in 2009. The High Line has also spawned a worldwide trend of elevated parks. It seems many major cities are taking a leaf out of New York’s book. As Chelsea continues to grow into one of Manhattan’s busiest and trendiest neighborhoods, we may be seeing a few more High Lines around the world.

Bonus. It Has Inspired an ‘Underline’ Park in Miami, Florida

James Corner Field Operations, one of the companies behind the NYC High Line, has taken its railway-repurposing business to Florida, where plans for an ‘Underline’ park built in the shadow of an abandoned elevated railway in Miami are underway. The firm is working with another nonprofit, Friends of the Underline, to finance the project, which will be built upon an existing bike trail but expanded to include room for benches, fountains, and art installations.

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