7. It is One of the City’s Hottest Spots for Outdoor Art Installations

Above the Line mural High Line Untapped Cities AFineLyne

Dozens of exhibits line the sides and the pathway of the High Line, especially now in the summer months. From a set of architecture firm-designed all-white Lego sculptures out in the open for people to break apart (part of the Panorama outdoor art exhibition, still open today) to water tower condos on murals adorning the sides of buildings, artists are taking advantage of the space and the constant traffic.

The park also contains some more permanent works like the movable benches set into the surviving railway tracks and the water-covered pathway where most visitors like to cool off their feet, but the rest of its open spaces have hosted a multitude of different sculptures, murals, installations, and performances. The pieces, along with the High Line’s beautiful views of the streets and the Hudson River, make for some killer Instagram posts as well.