19. City Hall (BMT) Station

City Hall terra cotta

The City Hall Subway station possesses terra cotta tiles depicting New York City Hall’s original spire. This spire was destroyed by fire. It was the second time that the statue, cupola, dome, and roof were damaged by fire. The first fire, in 1858, was caused by fireworks celebrating the laying of the Atlantic Cable, and the second fire, in 1917, was caused by burning charcoal left unattended by workmen.

Check out the original City Hall subway station, opened as the crown jewel of the first subway line in NYC and now decommissioned.

20. Cortland Street (IRT) Station

The Cortland Street Subway Station has terra cotta tiles (which are now mostly, if not all, hidden during the station’s last renovation) that display the ferry that once ran between Cortland Street and Paulus Hook New Jersey.