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New York City’s approximately 8 million residents occupy only 469 square miles of land. The numbers make for one of the most crowded cities in the country. But numbers don’t even begin to describe just how crowded that actually is. Previously, Slate produced an interactive map that split the entire united states into regions of equal population. Some regions in the West appear much larger because of their decreased population density while the East coast remains tightly packed. The fun part: clicking anywhere on the map produces an area of these regions that is equal to the population of New York City. It takes all of Kansas and parts of Nebraska, Colorado, and Oklahoma to rival the population of New York appearing as a tiny orange speck.

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Clicking around the map revealed some comical comparisons. For example, New York’s population can be spread out over the entire northern border of the the country around Montana and the Dakotas.

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In contrast, regions around the East Coast remain relatively dense.

You can find the map and details about the breakup of its regions here.

Next, read about a New Yorker’s hilariously skewed map of the world from the 1970s. Get in touch with the author @jinwoochong.

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