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SoHo is embracing its inner child starting August 21, when a ball pit (yes, like the ones at Chuck E. Cheese’s) especially for adults will set up camp until September. Jumpin! consists of 81,000 white plastic balls and will be open with reservations on 455 Broadway.

The ball pit in New York City is only the latest to pop up, having made waves and spawned thousands of Instagram posts in the UK. It’s arrival in the US coincides with another similar venture, an adult ball pit called ‘The Beach‘ occupying a space in the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C. Pearlfisher, the creative agency behind Jumpin!, told The New York Observer that they sought to “share the transformative power of play with a wider audience.”

New Yorkers have a week or to to wait until Jumpin! officially lands in the city.

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