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If you’re like us, you consume the news voraciously. And when you say news, you don’t just mean what’s traditionally known as news–it’s everything from trending urban exploration topics, to cat GIFs, to Reddit snippets. Social media platforms were the first to harness this–that what’s shared is just as important as the news told to us through traditional channels, and all of it together reflects our new common experience for better or worse.

But a more encompassing definition of “news” also means more to organize and sift through. Some of you may have used the app Circa, and lamented its demise. But have no fear, the new app Wildcard launched today taking on the challenge, though with some key differences.

Building upon past technology developed by the company, the Wildcard app is fast and visual. It takes trending topics and converts them into “cards,” pulling up relevant sources, which include social platforms like Twitter and Instagram, video channels like YouTube and Hulu, and of course publishers you know. In celebration of the launch, you can catch one of Untapped Cities’ cards (best viewed on mobile and on the Wildcard app, curated by Wildcard’s editorial team featuring some of our most popular articles from our Secrets of NYC series.

Wildcard News App-Office-Chinatown-Jordan Cooper-NYC-004Inside the Wildcard office in Chinatown, MacBook with custom Stiklab decal

As co-founder Jordan Cooper, a partner at Lerer Ventures tells us, Wildcard “gives you a look at what’s happening in the world and online in a super visual, fast, easy to understand format designed specifically for the phone.”

The last element of a Wildcard “card” is a list of related content. To complete the loop between digital and real life, join us on our upcoming tours of the Secrets of Grand Central Terminal, led by Tamara Agins from the NYC Department of City Planning. Download Wildcard here.