MoMA PS1- Samara Golden-The Flat Side of the Knife-Warm Up-Queens-Long Island City-Queens-NYC

One of the benefits of attending one of the Warm Up events at MoMA PS1, in addition to the live DJs, food from M. Wells and the booze, is that you can explore the exhibits inside while the party is taking place in the courtyard. It’s hard to believe Warm Up has been going on for 18 years now, but that’s a testament to its mission to provide experimental music and art across a range of genres. The building used to be the P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center and as its name suggests, it was originally the first public school in Long Island City.

MoMA PS1- Samara Golden-The Flat Side of the Knife-Warm Up-Queens-Long Island City-Queens-NYC-001

One of the more popular exhibits in MoMA PS1 right now is Samara Golden’s The Flat Side of the Knife, a mixed media installation taking several floors of the museum. At first glance, it seems like an M.C. Escher-esque installation, with staircases that don’t actually connect. The room looks like it has three levels, going pretty far down. Then you realize that the wires down below are actually panels of mirrors, and that you’ve been tricked. There are only two floors (hence the name Duplex Gallery) and what you see below is just a reflection of what’s above. Attached to the ceiling are beds, couches, a carpet and other domestic furniture. The “windows” are just three video panels installed upside down.

On the “second floor” of the installation there’s a cozy balcony with a couch and Scottish blankets, an ideal viewing location for The Flat Side of the Knife. 

This year’s Warm Up series goes until September 5th. Next, check out vintage photos of NYC’s Museums Under Construction.