FAILE-Times Square-Wishing On You-Wooden Canopy-Brooklyn Museum-NYC

Brooklyn-based street artists FAILE (the duo Patrick McNeil and Patrick Miller), have brought a new piece Wishing On You to Times Square, part of the Times Square Arts program. More than just a temporary street art piece, this installation located between 42nd and 43rd Street, is a real thinking piece–a deliberate juxtaposition of traditional architecture and modern iconography. As the artists describe, “Wishing On You is an interactive installation that speaks through the district’s graphic language and invites visitors to explore the contemporary ideas of ritual, myth-making and worship in the commercial mecca that is Times Square.”

FAILE-Times Square-Wishing On You-Wooden Canopy-Brooklyn Museum-NYC-003

FAILE-Times Square-Wishing On You-Wooden Canopy-Brooklyn Museum-NYC-001

The installation is a partnership with the Brooklyn Museum, which has the exhibition FAILE: Savage/Sacred Young Minds” up until October 4th.

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