The Untapped Cities team is headed on a trip soon, which has us thinking about the secrets of the New York City’s essential infrastructure. If you’re flying internationally especially, but also domestically, you’ve definitely experienced the ups and downs of John F. Kennedy Airport. The next time you’re stuck on the line for security or trying to get out of customs, read up on these 10 fun facts. It just might make your trip a little more tolerable.

10. The Bay Runway at JFK Airport is a Backup Space Shuttle Landing Spot

The Space Shuttle Enterprise at JFK Airport

The Bay Runway (31L), the second longest runway in the United States, is also a backup space shuttle landing spot. The primary runway for NASA at the Space Shuttle Facility is only 428 feet longer than the Bay Runway. See photos of the Space Shuttle Enterprise at JFK Airport before its move to the Intrepid Air and Space Museum.