Roy Lichtenstein Penn Plaza Untapped Cities AFineLyneRoy Lichtenstein sculpture at the corner of Seventh Avenue and 33rd Street

Earlier, we reported on the construction progress of Plaza 33, a pedestrian plaza opened on 33rd Street next to Penn Station and Madison Square Garden. Now open for a week, it’s become a popular lunch and hangout spot. With a view toward art, music and food, Vornado Realty Trust has put their best foot forward in creating a welcoming environment designed by New York City-based firm W Architecture for commuters, locals and tourists.

Keith Haring Penn Station-Untapped Cities - AFineLyneKeith Haring sculpture

33rd Street has been closed to traffic and transformed into a pedestrian plaza, with tables, chairs and colorful umbrellas. A Roy Lichtenstein sculpture greets you at the entrance to 33rd Street, on the West side of Seventh Avenue. From there, you have your choice of seating from stepped to bench, or seating along rows of colorful perennials. Vornado is not only hoping to revitalize an otherwise drab area, but to actually create an environment where people will want to spend some time, meet-up with friends, have something to eat and enjoy a variety of entertainment.

PennPlaza-Untapped Cities-AFineLyne

The Keith Haring sculpture marks the entrance to the pop-up food market Urbanspace Penn Plates. The tables, chairs and colorful umbrellas continue through the walkway at One Penn Plaza-Park East, which is located between Seventh and Eighth Avenues, with entrances on 33rd and 34th Streets. A curated lineup of food vendors are open through November 15th from 11 am to 9 pm daily.

Keith Haring at Penn Plaza-Untapped Cities-AFineLyne

Urban Space-Penn Plates-Untapped Cities - AFineLyneUrbanspace Penn Plates pop-up market

The culinary pop-up market is presented by Broadway Bites, and brings to Penn Plaza Park East popular chefs, small culinary businesses and artisan producers – all setting up their own outdoor kitchens.

Vornado's PennPlaza-UntappedCities-AFineLyne

The plaza will be closed to traffic through October 11th, at which time they will re-evaluate to see if perhaps this might be more permanent. Right around the corner, on the East side of Seventh Avenue is the 32nd Street Pedestrian Project, an extension of the sidewalk in a colorful pattern.