3. FAILE in Times Square

FAILE-Times Square-Wishing On You-Wooden Canopy-Brooklyn Museum-NYC

Going to Times Square is not something we would usually normally suggest doing unless you have a very good reason. Starting this month, after you get past all the tourists and costumed panhandlers and painted panhandlers, check out this wonderful new installation by street art duo FAILE.

Located on Broadway Plaza between 42nd and 43rd street, the Brooklyn based duo (who also have an exhibition currently at the Brooklyn Museum) have built one of their famous prayer wheels, this one being the largest we have even seen. Thankfully, the scale did not stop the duo from still inputting their incredible level of detail to both the wheel and the base that holds it. You can look for hours (watch for the people sitting around) and find new elements of the wheel that you didn’t find the first five times you took it for a spin. The installation will be on display until September 1st.