It’s almost September and we’ve completely refreshed our monthly picks for the best outdoor art installations with all new selections. While many of our selections from summer will still be live, these are new ones to discover during your explorations of New York City.

1. Alicia Kwade Reflects on Time in “Against the Run”

1-Alicja Kwade-Doris C Freedman Plaza Untapped Cities AFineLyne“Against the Run” Clock in Central Park. 

Desire Lines leaves the Doris C. Freedman Plaza on August 30th, but the Public Art Fund‘s, Alicja Kwade’s “Against the Run” will take its place at the Central Park location. You might recognize the Polish-born, Berlin-based artist from the Public Art Fund‘s 2013 group show at City Hall Park (“Lightness of Being”). This, her first solo exhibit and is a very timely installation as we move into the fall.

The installation is a 16-foot tall version of a classic New York City street clock but runs both backward and forward, all the while keeping correct time. “Against the Run” will be counting the minutes from September 10 through February 14, 2016.