12. The SeaGlass Carousel at The Battery

Featured-SeaGlass-Carousel-Untapped-Cities-AFineLyne-640x480-1The SeaGlass Carousel at The Battery

The Battery’s much anticipated SeaGlass Carousel opened to the public on August 20th. Designed by WXY Architecture with a historic theme and throwback to the original home of the New York Aquarium, the carousel’s aquatic components were designed by artist George Tsypin of the George Tsypin Opera Factory. Holding thirty colorful fish sculptures, each with a seat within, the carousel creates an underwater-like experience. The carousel also includes a sophisticated lighting system and a sound system inside each of the thirty fish.

Located just off State Street near the Staten Island Ferry, the carousel is open daily from 10 am to 10 pm, with a $5 cost per ride.