Three Installations Coming Down in September

Three installations featured in our outdoor art installation picks from August will be moving on in September. If you haven’t seen them yet, below is information on where and when.

“Seward Johnson in New York” through September 15. Located on Broadway from 36th Street to 41st Street:

Edouard Manet inspired setting-Untapped Cities - Seward Johnson - AFineLyne copy

The Dance” by DB Lampman, located in Tappen Park on Staten Island through September 14:

Hello Kitty Time After Time Capsule” on display at Dag Hammerskjold Plaza through September 13:

Hello Kitty Capsule Untapped Cities AFineLyne

Next, check out many of the installations that were live this summer and will stay up through the fall and beyond. Get in touch with the author at AFineLyne.