3. Jose Parla’s Segmented Realities at The Standard Hotel

1-Segmented Realities-Jose Parla- The Standard Hotel Untapped Cities AFineLyne copy-001

“Segmented Realities” is artist Jose Parla’s latest installation at The Standard Hotel. Here Parla has created three large-scale, colorful “canvases” of beautifully textured surfaces, reminiscent of the High Line as he remembers it years ago. And what better place to view them than right next to the High Line on the hotel’s plazaMr. Parla, who lives in Brooklyn, is also known for his stunning new large-scale mural at One World Trade Center. In addition, on September 12, his exhibition “Surface Body/Action Space” will open between two galleries in Chelsea; Bryce Wolkowitz and Mary Boon Galleries.