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There may be no other subway station more contentious among subway buffs than the 76th Street subway station in Queens, an IND station on the A line near Ozone Park, Queens that the The New York Times calls the “Roswell” of the New York City subway system. Its existence is hotly debated but urban explorer Dark Cyanide says us he’s gotten closer than most and shared the photos of his exploration.

Supposedly in urban lore, the 76th Street station was part of an extension of the A line to 229th Street in Cambria Heights, one of many proposed subway lines that never came to be. The New York Times wrote that “If it exists, in fact, it is nothing more than a dark four-track IND subway station with blue tiles, on the A line near Ozone Park, Queens.”

According to Joseph Brennan of Abandoned Stations (a post that Benjamin Kabak of Second Avenue Sagas says is a joke), the station was in operation for less than a month in 1948. Even then, officials were denying its existence but unions at the time suspected cover up of non-union work and the tunnel to the station was supposedly sealed off in 1952. Brennan has maps and photographs purportedly showing the station’s existence, including one of a train at the platform and one of a subway board at Euclid Station, provided accidentally by the Transit Authority for the book Under the Sidewalks of New York.

But in a comment on our article about never completed and never used subway stations, Benjamin Kabak of Second Avenue Sagas says Brennan’s article was an “part of an April Fool’s Joke capitalizing on Internet mythology about provisioning for a future extension of the Fulton St. Line.”

76th Street-Subway Station-Abandoned-Unused-Ozone Park-Queens-A Line-Dark Cyanide-NYC

Still, explorers like Dark Cyanide continue to search. He tells us, it’s an “urban explorer dream to uncover the 76th street station that lies behind a concrete wall. I took [these photos] and behind the buffer is the wall.” Dark Cyanide believes that the station is just behind the wall below:

76th Street-Subway Station-Abandoned-Unused-Ozone Park-Queens-A Line-Dark Cyanide-NYC-3

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8 thoughts on “Searching for the Lost 76th Street Subway Station, the “Roswell” of the NYC Subway [Photos]

  1. If this station was actually built wouldn’t there be some records somewhere? Plans, building permits, contracts, something? If someone really wanted to find this station seems like the best place to look would be the MTA archives.

  2. Notice the red over red signal …it has an A2 46 Plate instead of the usual X which marks the end of a mainline track.
    This indicates that there was another signal beyond that one, at the time the signals were installed.
    Most likely, on the other side of that bulkhead.

  3. Until someone takes a GPR onto the street above this location and makes a sweep we’ll always be debating if this station is even there, a lot of wasted commentary has been a feature of the Subchat online forums let’s get this subject verified once and for all.

  4. I snicker every time I read an article that try to address this seriously.

    Please note the dated at the bottom of the page in Mr. Brennan article.

    John in the sand box of Maryland’s eastern shore.

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