8.  Idlewild Bookstore

Idlewild Bookstore Untapped Cities AFineLyne

Before JFK airport got its name, the airport was named Idlewild. And so this indie bookshop, that specializes in travel books and language classes, settled upon a name that brought many travelers to our city. Idlewild Books opened its doors in 2008, with the Brooklyn store following in 2012. In 2016, the Manhattan store moved to a new location at Seventh Avenue South and Perry Street. The new street level location has an inviting all-glass entrance into  a large front room. In addition, there are two rooms, each with long tables, which will be used for workshops.

Here you will find the latest guidebooks, maps, world literature and intriguing books written in the settings of various countries. The bookcases are all organized by country, and include a wide selection of children’s books in French and Spanish. Language classes are taught at both locations.