9. Washington Square Park

Seeing that Hailey is disappointed by her dismissal from New York Symphony, Alex shows her that money can be made anywhere–including on the street. The duo perform in Washington Square Park in front of the Stanford White-designed arch. This park is also where Rodrigo heads to get advice from his priest.

 10. Rodrigo’s Apartment

Rodrigo is given an apartment somewhere south of the Flatiron area by New York Symphony with a view of New York Life Building in Madison Square, the Empire State Building and Chrysler Building. Hailey joins him here in the empty apartment where Rodrigo opens the cryptic letter from Ana Maria, written in musical notes. Rodrigo immediately understands that Ana Maria is visiting New York and is warning him to stay away.

11. Industrial Site: Ana Maria’s Performance

Inside this manufacturing/industrial site is where Ana Maria performs an avant-garde art piece, involving violin and dancers. Hailey accomopanies by Rodrigo, who is trying to go incognito, but Hailey is unfortunately recognized by a schoolmate. Meanwhile, though Rodrigo has sworn not to meet Ana Maria, he disregards Hailey’s reminders and heads into her dressing room.

As a note, there should be some commendation given to the actors on the show, most whom mimic classical musicians quite well. It’s also great to see the rest of the orchestra staffed by actual musicians. The best in the show is Gael Garcia Bernal as Rodrigo on the violin, who looks pretty authentic and even tries to place the correct fingering to match the piece. French actress Nora Arnezder is impressive as a lefty violinist. Saffron Burrows as Cynthia does her best as a cellist, but her posture and hand position are pretty off–maybe she’ll improve for next season!

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