3. Graham Court, Upper West Side

Hayley, Lizzie, and her boyfriend, Bradford Sharp (B Sharp), played by Jason Schwarzman, head to the the “Ferndale Home for Artists,” a fictional building complex to film an episode of his show. The actual location is filmed at Graham Court on 116th Street and 7th Avenue (Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard). Graham Court is the first of the Astor apartment buildings – you’ll see evolutions of this courtyard apartment building later in the Belnord and the Apthorp Apartments. They meet Anton Gallo, a famous oboist played by Anton Coppolla (The Godfather) and they interview him in his apartment. This location returns in season three, when Hayley takes a sublet inside.

4. Queensbridge Park

Hayley and Alex walk towards the New York Symphony softball game along the East River in Queensbridge Park en route to her softball game, across from Roosevelt Island and the United Nations. Hayley gives him a gift, since Alex is going away for three months but he confronts her about not committing enough to their relationship. The game takes place in the ballfields inside this park.