Fans of miniature sets and film locations will be excited to see that Alfred Hitchcock’s four-time Academy Award nominated Rear Window set has been miniaturized by artist and anthropologist Dr. Louise Krasniewicz. This intricate model, is on display at  D. Thomas Fine Miniatures in Hastings-on-Hudson through November 25th. Designed at 1/12 the scale, the Rear Window model provides a detailed look at the fictional 1954 Greenwich Village set. The film, staring Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly, follows a fictional photographer, L.B. Jeffries (Stewart), recovering from a leg injury during a New York City summer heatwave. Confined to his wheelchair, he passes the time watching his Greenwich Village neighbors.

While the address used in the film does not exist, Hitchcock designed his set to look like a real Federal-era townhouse, located at 125 Christopher Street in New York City’s West Village. This architecture style became popular during the beginning of the nineteenth century, as many migrated from the elegant precincts of Greenwich Street north to new neighborhoods above Canal Street. During this era, full fourth flours replaced dormers roofs and shopfronts were placed at the ground level. These changes accommodated the growing population and new commercial interests.

Both the film and its miniaturized set have been critically acclaimed for their exploration in voyeurism, peaking into a world that’s not your own. This year, Krasniewicz’s display won First Place and Best in Show for “Celebrating the Movies” at the Philadelphia Flower Show.

Next, discover the miniature fairy doors that have been popping up all over New York City. Get in touch with the author @annecguerra.

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  1. Amazing miniature. The only thing that made me do a double take was that in the film set there was an alley by the sculptor’s apartment that had a view straight out to the street. Otherwise, uncanny recreation here.

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