1. Bohemian

Bohemian-Hidden Restaurant-Interior-Great Jones Street-Soho-NYC

Bohemian is as exclusive and secretive as it gets in New York City–a bar and restaurant that can only be experienced by referral from a previous guest. As the sister bar to the original Bohemian located behind a house in Tokyo, the New York iteration is tucked down a long hallway next to Japanese Premium Beef, a butcher shop on Great Jones Street. Like the famous first iteration of Milk & Honey, the phone number of Bohemian is guarded jealously.

The cuisine is a blend of Japanese, French and American with creative and aesthetic plating. The tasting menu is $58, an experience that should only be tried with an empty stomach. The dining room has a soothing, modern Japanese aesthetic, almost apartment-like with plush low-slung couches and chairs.

Simply put, Bohemian serves as a beautiful respite from the sometimes overwhelming scene of hidden bars and restaurants in New York City. The reservation may be difficult to come by, but the experience is anything but pretentious.

Located at 57 Great Jones Street, Manhattan.

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