4. Sakagura

Sakagura is one of those truly hidden places. You need to really to be in the know because its entrance is far from the street. Open since 1996, Sakagura is located in the basement of a nondescript Midtown office building, past the security desk and through a pristine white lobby. Go down the stairs and into the entrance, and suddenly you feel as if you’ve entered a Japanese village.

The decor is such that diners have the impression they’re sitting outside, with interior facades that look like houses, replete with windows, shutters and dormer roofs. Cuisine wise, it’s one of the finest for Japanese in New York City at affordable prices. It’s also one of those Japanese restaurants where you can revel in delicious hot foods you might ordinarily only get in Japan. And don’t miss the bathrooms, located inside oversized sake barrels.

Located at 211 E 43rd Street, Manhattan.

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