1. Johnny’s Pizzeria

Johnny's Pizzeria-Sunset Park-Brooklyn-New York Pizza Project-NYC

In Sunset Park you will see a strange thing. Two pizza shops, side by side. Both named after “Johns.” The one on the left is named after John Miniaci, Sr., who started the place in 1968. The one on the right? John Schnatter, better known as Papa John. Two pizzerias, representing two very different New York stories. One about the past, and one, possibly, about the future…but not if John Miniaci, Jr. has a say: “I tell people, if you want frozen pizza, go next door. You want good pizza, come and see me. See, when someone comes in here and tells me they are short a couple bucks, I’ll help them out. That would never happen over there”

Located at 5806 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Buy the book New York Pizza Project. The New York Pizza Project team members are: Ian Manheimer, Tim Reitzes, Nick Johnson, Gabe Zimmer, and Corey Mintz and photographers Gabe Zimmer and Nick Johnson.

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