2. Di Fara Pizza

DiFara-Pizza-Midwood-Brooklyn-New York Pizza Project-NYC

Di Fara is the most revered and rewarded pizzeria in New York City. But because of its remote location – in the Jewish community of Midwood, Brooklyn – there are still many who have never had a slice…which only grows its legend. Dom is probably the oldest active pizza maker in New York City and considered by many, the best. He’s old school. He often forgoes a peel and reaches directly into the gas oven with his calloused hands. In 2011, the health department shut the place down for practices like that, and others. In his words, “You have to buy the best stuff. Like with me, when I buy ingredients, I don’t look at the price so much, I just want the best. That’s why I’ve done very good. I don’t try and fool the customer. I won’t cheat them. They know the difference.”

Located at 1424 Avenue J, Brooklyn, NY