untapped cities-Murray Hill-interactive map-San Sebastian .25 AMInteractive map compares rent in Murray Hill to San Sebastian, Spain. 

Everyone knows New York City has one of the most expensive real estate markets in the world. But have you ever stopped to think about how much you could be getting for your rent if you lived in a different city? Constantine Valhouli, who has mapped the haunts of the Beat Generation, New York City music references, and the original Dutch and Native American names in NYC, has created a new interactive map that allows you to see what the rent you pay here in New York City would get you across the world.

In the above map, click on a marker and a pop-up will give you a comparison to a neighborhood in another city. Analyzing the average prices for two bedrooms in various neighborhoods of the city, Valhouli discovered that even some of New York’s more under-the-radar areas are the equivalent price per square foot of some of the more desirable neighborhoods of leading worldwide cities.

For example, Woodlawn Heights in the Bronx ($220 per square foot), is comparable to the beach resort of Playa del Carmen in Mexico ($242 per square foot). At $816 per square foot, Long Island City compares to the affluent Centro Storico neighborhood in Rome ($779 per squared feet). Centro Storico has over 3,000 years of history and was once considered the center of the world.

Valhouli also found out that Park Slope compares to the affluent Leblon neighborhood in Rio de Janiero and Gramercy Park is equivalent to the Altastadt neighborhood of Munich. Play around and figure out what your neighborhood could look like around the world!

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