Tickets have gone on sale for The Eternal Space, the long-anticipated Off-Broadway play about an untold story during the demolition of the original Pennsylvania Station. We’ve been partnering with The Eternal Space for the last year on our exclusive tour of the Remnants of Penn Station, and we’re excited to announce that our October 25th and December 6th tours will include the option to combine tour and ticket to The Eternal Space, at a 20% discount for the play. Guests will be able to select a date of their choice to see the play during its run at The Lion Theatre on Theatre Row between November 14th and December 6th).

About the Remnants of Penn Station tour:

The Untapped Cities tour of the remnants of Penn Station is led by Justin Rivers playwright of The Eternal Space. Weaving in never before published photographs from the play, the tour will also cover the past, present and future plans for the transportation hub, accompanying a hunt for the remaining pieces of the grand McKim, Mead & White station and a stop at the future Moynihan Station, now the James A. Farley Post Office.

Tour of the Remnants of Penn Station

Here’s a preview of what the show, The Eternal Space, will entail:

On October 28th, 1963 the demolition of New York’s Pennsylvania Station begins. The wrecking crews work outside in the morning drizzle to dismantle a fifty-three-year-old architectural marvel.  Inside, a construction worker turned photographer is running away from his past while an aging English teacher can’t let his go. Their coincidental meeting begins a three-year conversation over the value of old and new, as one man fights to keep the station standing while the other is taking it down. This is the premise for The Eternal Space, a two-man play that charts an unlikely friendship across the social and cultural upheavals of the mid-1960s.

A full production will visually recreate the marvel of the former Pennsylvania Station using the actual photographs that documented the station’s demise. The production has been very fortunate in uncovering a huge catalogue of demolition photos drawn from the talents of five photographers. Their stills taken from 1963-1967 will be responsible for creating the passage of time and serving as the setting for each of the scenes. Using the latest in projection technology these arresting photographs will speak to the tragic demolition of an American architectural masterpiece.

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