10. “Against the Run” at Central Park/Doris C. Freedman Plaza

1-Alicja Kwade-Doris C Freedman Plaza Untapped Cities AFineLyne“Against the Run” by artist Alicja Kwade located at the Doris C. Freedman Plaza 

The site-specific installation created by artist Alicja Kwade for the Public Art Fund at Doris C. Freedman Plaza blends in so well with its surroundings that you might not even know it’s an installation at all. With its nineteenth-century design, the viewer may not realize that the face of the clock is rotating backwards, while the second-hand appears to be standing still. The mechanism has been reversed, but in the end, it will give us the correct time. “Against the Run” prompts us to view “reality” from a different perspective. Located at Fifth Avenue and 60th Street, this installation will be on view through February 14, 2016.