6. The Wooly

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The Wooly, a bar and event space hidden in the first floor of the landmarked Woolworth Building is as much a testament to the creative spirit of New York City today as the building is a celebration of the technical prowess of the skyscraper era.

The Wooly is run by a brother-in-law duo whose personal collection of vintage items collected from all over the country spills over into the bar they run. With chabby chic couches, old books, stacks of vintage suitcases, a pipe organ, old radios, chandeliers and authentic period wallpaper, it’s got the makings of a Wes Anderson set, but better because you get to party in it

To be clear, The Wooly isn’t open like a regular bar. The owners joke that they’ve been “not open since 2009.” For the most part, the space hosts events, parties, and creative panel discussions. But this doesn’t mean that the ordinary layperson can’t get in. If you send an email through their website saying you’ll be in town, and they happen to be open, they’ll gladly accommodate you. Even for a group of two.