2. Dutch Kills

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In a non-descript two floor brick building between a transmission shop and a taxi lot, Dutch Kills is an unmarked gem, save for a neon BAR sign. This bar, opened in 2009, predated much of the gentrification taking place, distinguishing itself from other speakeasies through its comprehensive liquor selection and use of fresh ingredients, with a cocktail menu that appeals to those that enjoy spirits.

The vibe at Dutch Kills has always been deliberately divey and fun, functioning simultaneously as a neighborhood bar for residents and a destination for others. The drink menu offers cocktails directly descended from New York City classics from the 1880s to the 1940s. There’s a great offering of hot drinks too, including Hot Toddy, Irish Coffee and Mulled Cider. Dutch Kills bartenders can also make drinks based on your preferences or for the curious, let them do their magic.