Newspaper-Row-New-York-Tribune-New-York-World-HeraldThe skyscrapers of Newspaper Row. New York Times photo archive, Image in public domain from Wikimedia Commons.

On Saturday, October 3rd, join Untapped Cities Founder Michelle Young, along with Untapped Cities contributor and urban planner Julia Vitullo-Martin, and Brokelyn News Editor David Colon at the Green-Wood Historic National Landmark as they discuss Media Movers & Shakers, Then and Now. Following the discussion, you can join a trolley tour that will visit the monuments of the great newspaper men of the 19th century.

While we don’t always associate the growth of media to changes in the city’s architecture, the epicenter for New York City’s daily news, located on Park Ave, has greatly affected downtown New York. One such example includes The New York World Building, the first skyscraper to surpass the height of Trinity Church and the office space from which Joseph Pulitzer worked.

Newsboys and newsgirls on Newspaper Row, Park Row, NYC. Photo by Lewis Wicks Hine from Library of Congress

The panel, comprised of experts in both architecture and media, will look at how closely these fields are tied to each other and how changes in one have affected the other throughout the 20th and 21st centuries. Long-gone is the era of printing-presses in the bottom of massive skyscrapers. Welcome to the era of bloggers working from their laptops at home. Our panelists will attempt to answer the question – what’s next for media and its influence on the physical landscape of New York?

The event will take place from 4pm-6pm this Saturday in the Green-Wood Chapel, the burial site to many of the early media players. For tickets and event details, click here.

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