The first big, important news to impart is that there is an alternative Oktobefest in Germany that few people know about. Called Oide Wiesn (old Oktoberfest) and in its fourth year, the festival was founded precisely to combat the overwhelming tourist experience at the tents. Though slightly more expensive, it’s a throw-back to the Oktoberfest of old, with rides and replica tents in the traditional style.

In New York City, we’ve asked beer enthusiast and Untapped Cities contributor Luke Kingma to put together his list of best spots to celebrate Oktoberfest in the spirit of the original.

10. Zum Schneider in Alphabet City

Zum Schneider, East Village

Zum Schneider is a New York City institution, in its current location in Alphabet City for the last fourteen years. If there’s a cozy feel to this indoor biergarten, it’s all part of the plan by owner, the German-born Sylvester Schneider who created Zum Schneider to counter his own homesickness. The chairs are 100 years old, and 100% authentic, imported from German beerhals. Sylvester’s father built the communal tables. The food, drink, German events and even a Zum Schneider soccer team have been so successful, there’s been a Montauk outpost since 2012.

On October 2nd and 11th, Zum Schneider will host Munich on the River along the East River in celebration of Oktoberfest.