Las Vegas-Nevada-Hoover-DamPhoto via Flickr by Mihai M. Singer

Las Vegas is known as the capital of entertainment; an adult’s playground; the city of sin. However the in-city experts at the Las Vegas Power Pass have visited some of the more unconventional sites and attractions in Las Vegas – those more in tune with geeks than gamblers. Forget blackjack and casinos, this guide to Vegas is all about the unusual things to do from visiting the Atomic Testing Museum, to UFO spotting on the Extraterrestrial Highway.

1. Atomic Testing Museum

Las Vegas-atomic-testing-museum-Nevada-Geek GuidePhoto via Flickr by Paul Huber

Nevada’s National Atomic Testing Museum is a great museum that attractions thousands of visitors each year to learn about the history of global nuclear programs and Las Vegas’ involvement in nuclear testing and its history as the ‘Atomic City’. Vegas’ tourism thrived on the atomic testing and here you can learn about everything related to the atomic age with over 10,000 artefacts and exhibits.

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