Rorschmap-James Birdle-Fun Maps-NYC-5Times Square

Fans of pschotherapy and urbanism maps, will get a trip out of this tool. With #Rorschmap, a project by James Birdle, you can enter any address in the world in the white box at the bottom of the page (though it defaults to London) and pull up that place rendered as a Rorschach test pattern.

You can see a location in satellite view, regular map view or even street view (but you have to re-enter the address). We put it to the test, trying out Times Square and 58 Joralemon Street, home to the fake townhouse/MTA ventilation unit.

Rorschmap-James Birdle-Fun Maps-NYC-658 Joralemon Street in Brooklyn Heights

Rorschmap-James Birdle-Fun Maps-NYC-4Satellite view of Times Square

Rorschmap-James Birdle-Fun Maps-NYC-7Map view of Times Square

Rorschmap-James Birdle-Fun Maps-NYC-1New York

Rorschmap-James Birdle-Fun Maps-NYC-3Default London Street

And for New York City, there’s even a live camera view, pulling in feed from NYC Department of Transportation. Here’s what it looks like on 6th Avenue and 58th Street:

Rorschmap-James Birdle-Fun Maps-NYC-8

If you’re not dizzy yet, check out the tool at #Rorschmap.

Next, check out what the NYC Subway map would look like in concentric circles and NYC churches ceilings photoraphed in panorama. See more fake townhouses around the world, hiding very functional activities.