Rooftop Reds-Brooklyn Navy Yard-Rooftop-First Commercially Viable Rooftop Vineyard-Urban Vitaculture-Agriculture-NYCA view from the top of the Brooklyn Navy Yard’s rooftop vineyard. Photo courtesy of Rooftop Reds. 

Though camping in the middle of New York City may sound paradoxical, it’s popular, as evidenced by the lotteries for camping in the city’s parks. But later this month you’ll be able to lay back and pitch a tent at Rooftop Reds at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. While camping at an old shipyard in the middle of New York City already seems unique enough, there’s one more interesting catch: the campsite will be a rooftop vineyard.

Camping in the Vineyard will take place from October 17 to 18. Camping gear will be provided, along with “camping treats,” a three-course dinner and breakfast, games, films, and unsurprisingly, wine.

The organization Rooftop Reds worked with Cornell University and Finger Lakes industry leaders to officially open the the 14,000 square foot vineyard in the spring of 2015. It became New York City’s first “commercially viable” urban rooftop vineyard, with the first harvest scheduled to be completed in October 2016 and bottled by August 2017. Thus, “Camping in the Vineyard” could be a great, albeit unconventional way, to become acquainted with this new, innovative locale.

Vineyard Camping-Flyer-NYC-Untapped Citiesjpg

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