Art in Odd Places began in 2005 on the Lower East Side and the East Village, moving on to the great stage of 14th Street from Avenue C to the Hudson River annually. The performances, which began on October 7th run through October 11, and hope to bring the public artworks in all disciplines, outside the confines of where we are used to see art. Art in Odd Places also hopes to engage, through social interaction and thoughtful programming. Beginning at the Hudson River, walking East, here are a few of the participating artists this year.

1. Flux Flags

The first installation, Flux Flags, is found on the pilings in the Hudson River between Pier 54 and 57. The artist hopes to evoke the old maritime, romance of departure and arrival.

2. Poet Sculpture

With different sized crates, representing departed writers, the artists attempts to interact with the likes of Allen Ginsberg, Langston Hughes and many more. While the photo shows him in Union Square, he can actually be found just west of Washington, near Tenth Avenue.


Aluminum street signs by artist Liz Linden in COPY are actually copies of what appears on billboards and buildings opposite this site, which is at the intersection of 14th Street and Ninth Avenue.

4. Seeing Eye Tiger

Seeing Eye Tiger artist Irvin Climaco Morazan will cross the entire length of 14th Street blindfolded, led by a seeing-eye dog. Passing by the American Foundation for the Blind, he hopes to bring awareness to the challenges a blind person has every day, navigating through our streets. He can be found near Eighth Avenue.

5. Joan of Arc of 14th Street: Where Are the Women?

Performance artist, LuLu LoLo has written and performed eight one-person plays Off-Broadway, highlighting the struggle of women in New York City’s past. Living in East Harlem, she is also known to throw open the windows of her townhouse and give a performance to all who happen by. She can be found just West of Seventh Avenue.

6. Incoming Call

The payphone on 14th Street and Seventh Avenue will ring whenever a tweet about 14th Street is made. Incoming Call by artist BAMteam is all about creating a link between the virtual and the physical, the old and the new, harking back to the day when incoming calls were actually received by payphone’s. Located just West of Seventh Avenue.

7. Umbrella Tumbleweed

Above, Umbrella Tumbleweed – a true NYC art installation – consists of about fifty umbrella-corpses. Conceived by German born artist Tim Thyzel, who now lives in NYC, the installation is about three feet in diameter. Just East of Seventh Avenue.

8. 18 Minute Interval Swipe

Artist Yoko Inoue was inspired by the “No Fare Hikes” activists, bringing voice to the disproportionately affected working-class New Yorker’s by sharing her Unlimited MetroCard every 18 minutes in the 14th Street subway stations. Check her out near Sixth Avenue.

9. Not Really There

Close-up photographs of the immediate surroundings, set alongside the actual places, create a parallel reality. Not Really There uses the original as a mirror, giving us a different perspective of what we see every day. In Union Square.

10. Woman Working by Olek

We all know the work of yarn bomber, Olek. In the photo atop, she is crocheting and unraveling an apron, with the message that a women’s work is never finished and never or rarely appreciated. Olek can be found in Union Square.

11. Get Lost!

With Get Lost!, your subway map will appear the way it might have appeared prior to 1609. Lines erased, and returning to New York City’s original green spaces, Daniel Bejar gives us a glimpse of our past. Located on the Eastern portion of Union Square.

12. Listening Posts

Six listening posts, when connected to the corresponding headphone jack, will give you a soundscape exploring the stories of the surrounding urban sites. Listening Posts, a collaboration between Sarah Burrell and Andrew Simpson (LudiCity), is meant to make you rethink your relationship to privacy and place. Listening Posts can be found just West of Avenue C.

The opening reception for Art in Odd Places will be tonight Friday, October 9th, from 5 pm to 8 pm at the Pedro Albizua Campos Plaza between Avenues A & B on 14th Street. On Saturday, October 10th and Sunday, October 11th, public programs and talks are scheduled at Jackson Square, where Eighth Avenue, Greenwich Avenue and West 14th Street converge. You can find the location on 14th Street for each of the 47 artists here.

13. Compliments

Back again this year, Compliments is a series of free vending machines doling out a pair of compliments at at time submitted by the public online. You’ll find these all along 14th Street.

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