Not Really There Art in Odd Places Untapped Cities AFineLyneNot Really There by artist Isidro Biasco

Art in Odd Places began in 2005 on the Lower East Side and the East Village, moving on to the great stage of 14th Street from Avenue C to the Hudson River annually. The performances, which began on October 7th run through October 11, and hope to bring the public artworks in all disciplines, outside the confines of where we are used to see art. Art in Odd Places also hopes to engage, through social interaction and thoughtful programming. Beginning at the Hudson River, walking East, here are a few of the participating artists this year.

1. Flux Flags

Flags-Art in Odd Places-Untapped Cities AFineLyneFlux Flags by artists Johannes Rantapuska and Mirja Havas

The first installation, Flux Flags, is found on the pilings in the Hudson River between Pier 54 and 57. The artist hopes to evoke the old maritime, romance of departure and arrival.

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