Director houses-Burton-NYC-Stephanie-Untapped CitiesBabina’s haunted house-esque vision for American director Tim Burton’s home

From the wildness and spontaneity of Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic World to Wes Anderson’s whimsical, carefully crafted visuals in The Grand Budapest Hotel, film directors often captivate us with the fantastical worlds they create. But what kind of worlds would movie directors build for themselves off-screen, if given the chance? In his most recent project as seen on Curbed, Italian artist Federico Babina strives to portray this in a project called ArchiDirectors.

In this project, Babina uses a combination of web design and animations to create a short video presentation of two-dimensional drawings of these imagined homes. Each home includes special moving features like pop-ups and shifting backgrounds.

Babina wants to use specific aesthetic details in the design of each house to reveal the styles and imaginations of each director, and has said of the film directing profession, “Directors are like the architects of cinema. They are those that build stories that like buildings envelop the viewer and carry it in a different world. each with their own style, language and aesthetics, think, plan design and build places and stories that host us for the duration of the movie.’

Director homes-Babina-Chaplin-NYC-Untapped Cities- Stephanie-archidirectors-creativeA home for English filmmaker Charlie Chaplin

Tim Burton’s home is appropriately set on a dark purple background, a stroke of lightning regularly appears in the animation and the house itself violently pops up and down. For Charlie Chaplin, who was famous for his silent films and slapstick comedy, Babina used flashing window lights and old-fashioned moving camera rolls to merge the concept of the “machine era” and the simplicity of a wooden house.

Here are some of Babina’s creations so far. You can see more of the preview, which includes descriptions of each home, here.

Using geometric designs and primary colors, Babina based former American director Stanley Kubrick’s house on a spaceship “lost in time and space” to create a blend of “a house and a robot.” His goal was to capture the bizarreness of Kubrick’s films.

Director houses-Kubrick-Stephanie-Untapped Cities-NYCA home for Stanley Kubrick

Babina wanted the home of British director Alfred Hitchcock to appear particularly voyeuristic, reflecting Hitchcock’s trademark use of the camera to imitate a person’s gaze. The lights flicker on and off, and the stairs and windows were designed to function as the keys to the home’s mysterious life.

Director homes-Hitchcock-Babina-creative-art-project-Untapped cities NYC-StephanieA home for Alfred Hitchcock

When creating a home for deceased French director Jacques Tati, Babina specifically wanted to highlight Tati’s criticism of the “alienation” evident in cities. He wanted it to be a bold-looking home that “works as a peculiar machine with its own life.”

Director homes-Tati-Babina-creative-Stephanie-NYC-Untapped CitiesA home for Jacques Tati

Designed to be a mobile gypsy house, Babina described Serbian director Emir Kusturica’s home as “playful, satiric and ethnic architecture frozen in time.” To capture Kusturica’s his dazzling, far-reaching cinematic style, the home’s exterior reflects “the heartbeat of life” within it.  The house itself  moves on its wheels and an engine at the home’s base blows steam.

Director homes-Kusturica-Babina-creative-art-Stephanie-NYC-Untapped CitiesA home for Emir Kusturica

Babina wanted the home of Italian director Federico Fellini to be a blend of fantasy and reality and to stand as a tribute to Fellini’s “hyper-real aesthetic where dreams are both present and realistic.” What was Babina’s inspiration for the home? The circus, naturally.

Director Homes-Fellini-Babina-Archidirectors-Stephanie-NYC-Untapped Cities-art-project-creativeA home for Federico Fellini

To capture American director David Lynch’s surrealist style, Babina worked with lighting to create the home’s mysterious aura. The foggy background and flickering lights blur the lines between dreams and reality, and the stark red curtains are suggestive of hidden life inside.

Directors homes-David Lynch-Federico Babina-art-creative-Stephanie-Untapped Cities-ArchidirectorsA home for David Lynch

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