New York City’s High Line has become a botanical oasis for urbanites across the city. But underground, things are also brewing for another “Garden of Eden”– the proposed Lowline. After a successful preview in an abandoned market on Essex Street in the Lower East Side in 2012 (has is been that long already?), the Lowline will open the Lowline Lab on October 17th in the same location following a Kickstarter earlier this year that raised over $220,000.

In this location two blocks from the proposed site, the Lowline Lab has been conducting experiments for the last six months, mimicking what the actual Lowline site will be able to produce, and exploring what solar technology collection and distribution system is needed to produce productive plant life.

On October 17th, the Lowline Lab will be opening its doors to the public so you can see interact with various experiments they’ve been conducting and better understand the vision for the Lowline. They’ve installed three solar collection systems on the roof, with equipment shipped by an ocean freighter from South Korea, and distributing that light into the dark warehouse space.

Visitors will get the opportunity to interact with this equipment first hand. According to the Lowline’s Facebook Page, the lab will also serve as a community hub and will host discussions with thinkers and scientists who are hoping to improve green technology. The organization will also be holding Young Designers Programs which will allow thousands of local youths to participate in the Lab. To learn more about how you can get involved, check out the Lowline website.

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