9. Agent Carter and Miss Marvel

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The stereotypes that comics book are just for boys are continuing to get washed away. While there is a need for more strong female characters in all media, it’s great to see that young women are showing their appreciation for the newest female characters that have made it to their books and screens.

Paige came to the convention as Peggy Carter, who first appeared as a side character/love interest in the first Captain America film. The American secret agent from the U.K now appears on her show on ABC Agent Carter where she has become a feminist icon.. She has become a feminist icon to a selection of girl fans for her retro TV show Agent Carter. Ashley is Kamala Khan a.k.a Ms. Marvel, the newest Ms. Marvel and the first muslim character as she is of Palestinian descent.

Diversity is something that never really gets brought up when people bring up Comic Con. Well, it’s something we will bring up. Seeing two young women from New Jersey dressed up as a British secret agent and a Palestinian superhero and have people of all kinds look excited while asking for pictures shows how important this kind of event is for everyone.