5. D’Auria-Murphy Triangle, Bronx

IMG_2766 columbus statue bust bronx

The Piccirilli Brothers are most famous for carving Daniel Chester French’s Abraham Lincoln statue in the Washington D.C.’s Lincoln Memorial. The Brothers are intimately connected with New York City and many of their works can be found here including sculptures at the Alexander Hamilton Customs House, the New York Stock Exchange, the New York Public Library, the Washington Square Arch, and the Brooklyn Museum. The

Piccirilli Brothers lived and worked in the Bronx on 142nd Street (though their studio was demolished in the 1970s).  Their Christopher Columbus statue is one of the only works by the Brothers in the Bronx, located just off of Arthur Avenue in D’Auria-Murphy Triangle. Moved herein 1992, it had previously been located at P.S. 45 on Bathgate Avenue and East 189th Street.