It’s a testament to New York City that when you find an art installation featuring a couple guys, two beds, and awesome wooden furniture, it doesn’t seem too far outside the realm of possibility as an official space public intervention. But, the French team from Boijeot Renauld is doing this on the fly, after taking over public spaces all over Europe and now New York City. We spotted them at Columbus Circle on Saturday morning, shortly before they got kicked out by police (but not before they managed to camp out overnight). This morning, they were in Times Square, and their first day was just near Columbia (perhaps en homage to Emma Sulkowicz’ Carry That Weight mattress thesis?).

Boijeot Renauld-Times Square-Bed-Furniture-NYCTimes Square overnight. Photo via boijeot.renauld

boijeotrenauld-NYC-Beds-Mattresses-Chairs-Broadway-76th Street-France-276th Street and Broadway Photo via boijeot.renauld

boijeotrenauld-NYC-Beds-Mattresses-Chairs-Broadway-99th Street-France99th Street and Broadway police encounter. Photo via boijeot.renauld

Does it help to have awesome Euro-style furniture? Perhaps, but Beoijeot Renauld are still getting confronted by police, which seems to be in large part one of the points of the project. After a night spent on the sidewalk at 99th Street and Broadway last week, they state “[The police] woke is up at 7. We had proper talk about US public space regulation in our underwear. Standard sidewalk procédure.” At 3am, the same night, another conversation happened which they describe as, “Art talk with Smith and wes[so]n. 3 am, standard street art procedure.” 

Boijeot Renauld-Columbus Circle-Bed-Furniture-NYCColumbus Circle. Photo via boijeot.renauld

boijeotrenauld-NYC-Beds-Mattresses-Chairs-Columbia University-France-2Broadway near Columbia University. Photo via boijeot.renauld

The Beoijeot Renauld projects in Europe have predominantly been politically based or taking politicians literally at their word, like Laurent Le Bon’s invitation to the Centre Pompidou in Metz “My home is yours. You are my permanent guests.”

Here in New YOrk City, they are gradually moving south down Broadway, and during the day, the tables and chairs become places for people to gather, play impromptu chess, breakfasts and more.

boijeotrenauld-NYC-Beds-Mattresses-Chairs-Chess-FranceChess. Photo via boijeot.renauld

boijeotrenauld-NYC-Beds-Mattresses-Chairs-Bagles-FranceMorning after at 87th Street, bialetti, Starbucks, bagels and smoked salmon on hand. Photo via boijeot.renauld

Boijeot Renauld-Hudson River-Bed-Furniture-NYCPhoto via boijeot.renauld

Boijeotrenauld gave us their business card, which was not surprisingly white on white. Their website has no page about the artists themselves, but click on each project and get videos, descriptions and more. You can follow their latest escapades on Instagram @boijeot.renauld.

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