Annie Hall Part II-Prank Film Shoot No Parking Sign-Jason Eppinks-NYC-2Photo via Jason Eppink’s Catalogue of Creative Triumphs

There are a lot of fake signs out on the streets of New York City these days, from Happy Street Signs, to the latest in Art in Odd Places last weekend to the Icy Signs that appeared for Summer Streets. These pranks on the ubiquitous No Parking Film Shoot signs came out last year but we still sometimes wonder if they’re still occasionally hitting the streets–you’ll see why below. While here at Untapped Cities, we think film shoots are great for the city – boosting the film industry here and the caché of the city to international audiences – and great for our Film Locations column, we get how annoying street closures can be in populated areas.

Godfather IV Prank Film Shoot No Parking Sign-Jason Eppinks-NYCPhoto via Jason Eppink’s Catalogue of Creative Triumphs

As Jason Eppink, creators of this project (also responsible for Tourist Lane and is the curator of the Museum of the Moving Image exhibition “How Cats Took Over the Internet”) states, “Mike Lacher and I decided to invent terrible hypothetical sequels for movies based in New York City and post “no parking” signs for these fictional film shoots.” They began on the Upper East Side posting fictional signs for “Annie Hall 2” then went to Little Italy to post “The Godfather Part IV” signs when they discovered the streets were already covered with signs for the shooting of “Godfather IV.”

No Parking Film Shoot Template

Then, others got on the band wagon they say: “Someone else going by “Chad” was also posting no parking signs for terrible film ideas including Taxi Driver 2, Williamsburg: The Movie, and Bushwick: The Movie.” Also, Eppink’s website Catalogue of Creative Triumphs has a downloadable Photoshop file of the No Parking sign so you can make your own.

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