NYC Marathon-Subway Car-NYC-003

Since their debut in 2008, complete advertising takeovers are a familiar sight in the New York City subway system, particularly along the S line. Some brands do it better than others, and its reported to cost upwards of $75,000 for each application. The Tata New York City Marathon is the latest, and it’s pretty good. Laying out the route of the upcoming marathon, the mile markers, start and finish lines are noted along the doors and chairs.

NYC Marathon-Subway Car-NYC-024

It’s obviously considerably shorter than the 26.2 mile marathon, but those of us just spectators can run around in jest.

NYC Marathon-Subway Car-NYC-001

Next, read about the 10 previous incarnations of the NYC marathon, how the marathon route is chosen, and a statue in Central Park that moves once a year for the marathon