From Candy Crush to Temple Run and Trivia Crack, entertainment-seekers have a wide variety of apps at their disposal. New York City history buffs will be pleased at the addition of another innovative app, one that creates both an enjoyable and educational experience for users: Brooklyn 1776. As recently seen on, Creative Good just launched the app which allows players to relive the American Revolution by fighting in the Battle of Brooklyn.

With the $0.99 app, iOS users can take charge of the Continental Army and strategize to survive the battle despite intimidating British forces. The app even uses a historically accurate map of Brooklyn in the 1700s. If players survive the battle without much harm, they’ll “know how Washington kept the revolution alive.” You can watch Brooklyn 1776’s preview trailer, to the backdrop of colonial fifes:

Through the turn-based game, Creative Good wanted to “teach players about the American Revolution through gameplay, rather than any didactic method.” Creative Good’s CEO Mark Hurst received inspiration for the app from the critically acclaimed book 1776 and the new Broadway musical Hamilton.

The Battle of Brooklyn (also called the Battle of Long Island) took place on August 27, 1776 and was the first sizable battle since America declared independence. The battle resulted in British control of New York City, which was naturally a strategically crucial location for the war. George Washington and the Continental Army, foreseeing that the British would try to attack New York City, constructed forts in northern Manhattan and Brooklyn Heights to defend the city. British troops led by General William Howe arrived in New York City and offered Washington a pardon.

British map of the Battle of Brooklyn. Brooklyn 1776 is based on similar historically accurate maps. Image via Wikimedia Commons

However, Washington refused to back down and sent more troops to Brooklyn. The British defeated Washington’s army, but before they could surround the army Washington’s men evacuated Long Island and retreated back to Manhattan.

And now, as of yesterday, you can relive these important events right from your iPhone.

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