2. John V. Lindsay East River Park, Between Montgomery and 12th streets

East River Park-FDR Drive Parks-Williamsburg Bridge-NYC-Untapped Cities-Stephanie GeierA view of the Williamsburg Bridge from the East River Park

At 57 acres, the John V. Lindsay East River Park is the largest park along the East River Drive. Complete with a view of the Williamsburg Bridge, barbeque areas, tennis courts, baseball fields, exercise equipment, soccer field and 400-meter track, people naturally flock here for fitness and recreation.

In addition having impressive facilities, the park also boasts an impressive history. Like quite a few other areas in New York City, the park’s story starts with “master builder” and urban planner Robert Moses. He decided to build the East River Park as he planned the FDR Drive in the early 1930s. Having a prior affinity for parks and knowing that the Lower East Side needed more park area, he decided to create an esplanade with recreational facilities.

The park has changed since its establishment, with certain sections being cut or expanded. The 10th street pedestrian overpass, built in 1951, finally connected the residential neighborhood with the park itself. A now obsolete amphitheater was also built in 1941.