4. If You Leave Me Can I Come Too? at Hunter East Harlem

Hunter East Harlem Keith Haring Crack is Wack Untapped Cities AFineLyneKeith Haring new gallery rendition created from the #crackiswack hashtag. at Hunter East Harlem

The Hunter East Harlem Gallery is currently highlighting the artwork of twelve contemporary artists, working in a variety of media. The  exhibit, named If You Leave Me Can I Come Too?, is meant to reveal the power and beauty arising from the acknowledgement of death. The question posed is: how do individuals and societies revolve around the common denominator of death, this being a question that is experienced by all that live. Some of the artworks are the result of the artists’ meditation on their own mortality, as seen in the title painting by Friedrich Kunath. Other works are an observation on greater societal influences and communities around death, like Keith Haring’s famous Crack Is Wack mural. Located at 2180 Third Avenue at 119th Street, the exhibit will run through January 9, 2016.