3. Pink Lotus On Peninsula Hotel Facade

Peninsula Hotel Breat Cancer Awareness Month Untapped Cities AFineLyneIn honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, installation by artist Grimanesa Amoros for the Peninsula Hotel. Rendering by Grimanesa Amoro.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and no where is it more prominently supported and visible than here in New York. Even the NYPD went pink this month! Many events take place, bringing awareness and showing support. One of the many installations is a collaboration between Circa 1881 and the Peninsula Hotel, with the adornment on the facade of the hotel of a large-scale, site specific light sculpture by Peruvian artist Grimanesa Amoros. The installation is part of the larger initiative “The Art of Pink”, an ongoing partnership to produce rotating art exhibitions for the public spaces within the hotel. Pink Lotus will remain on display through November 15.

The Think Pink Rocks 2015 TCS NYC Marathon will be held this Sunday, November 1st in partnership with the New York Road Runners Club. All money raised by Think Pink Rocks will go toward supporting breast cancer research at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.