9. Sacred Spaces at The Rubin Museum

1-Sacred Spaces Shrine Room The Rubin Museum Untapped Cities AFineLyne copySacred Spaces, a Tibetan Buddhist Shrine Room at The Rubin Museum

Sacred Spaces opened at The Rubin Museum on October 23, with the intention of immersing visitors in the sacred art of the Himalayas. With three distinctly different spaces, the centerpiece of this installation is an expanded Tibetan Buddhist Shrine Room. Visitors are also invited to contribute their thoughts by leaving a note in a reflecting bowl. On view is also a panoramic photograph taken in the province of Mustang, in northern Nepal, by Jaroslav Poncar, and a video installation of an Indian ritual created by Deidi von Schaewen. A video showcases a communal ritual where devotees pour offerings over a stone sculpture. The three spaces on view show the various devotional activities that are practiced in that particular region. The Rubin Museum is located at 150 West 17th Street.