Little Museum of Dublin

Dublin is a city bursting with culture – you just need to look around and you’ll be stunned at the wide variety of things to do and learn about the capital.

The city experts at the Dublin Pass have looked outside the guidebook and downtrodden tourist path, veering away from your typical museums and attractions in favor of quirky and little museums of Dublin. Let’s look at some of the best in their category; from little Irish leprechauns to celebrating the history of the capital through the ages – here are our top peculiar museums in Dublin.

1. The Little Museum of Dublin

Little Museum of Dublin interior

The Little Museum of Dublin is otherwise known as the “people’s museum of Dublin” and is a treasure trove of collected items from those who have lived in Dublin over the years. It’s a true museum curated by the people, for the people and its exhibits and collections are an eclectic mix of donations from knick knacks, photographs, advertising, letters and collectables – a real smorgasbord of social and cultural history of Dublin from the 1900s-2000s. You can even join in on a guided tour to learn about the most important items in the museum and their significance in the history of Dublin.

15 St Stephens Green, Dublin 2