Dumpster_Pioneer Works_Brooklyn_Exterior_1Another view of the dumpster home in 2013

In 2013, we had the chance to visit artist Gregory Kloehn’s dumpster apartment/house when it was under construction at Red Hook’s Pioneer Works. Now, as reported by 6sqft (sourced from Reddit), Kloehn is offering the dumpster home (now apparently in Williamsburg) for $1200 per month in rent (or $200 per night) on Craigslist.

The ad reads: “This art deco hipster retro mini apt from a converted dumpster is green friendly and sustainable. .and trendy…1200 month. Or 200 per night.”

While $1200 per month could potentially rent a real apartment, the dumpster does have amenities typical of apartments like an interior bar, sink, stove and toilet, and an exterior shower, barbecue, mini-bar, deck and retractable windowed roof.

It is likely that Kloehn himself posted the ad, since he supposedly lives in the dumpster during the summer and heads to the West Coast for the winter, which is approaching.

Dumpster_Pioneer Works_Seats_UP_1Seats in the dumpster home

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