While the abandoned subway stations of New York City are well-documented, there are also numerous rarely seen abandoned station entrances and mezzanines – many of which are located within active stations. Here’s a compilation of these lesser-known spots:

6. 63rd Street and Lexington Ave


At the active 63rd street F line station, there is an abandoned station entrance at 3rd Avenue that was a mirror image of the active entrance on the west end of the station (under Lexington avenue). This huge entrance was built when the 63rd street subway was originally constructed, though it was never used. It was a very dark space with no tiles on the walls or escalators. The stairs to the street dead-ended at concrete slabs.

Much of this entrance has been gutted and will be opened when service on the 2nd avenue subway begins. You can read about our previous visit down with the MTA into this station to view the latest construction on the Second Avenue Subway.